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Interlingua School is looking for teachers with a high level of energy, great teamwork and who posses a great deal of creativity. We offer many opportunities for teachers that enjoy teaching. For example, we have the Scouts of Interlingua, which gives teachers the chance of exploring and learning about the great outdoors with their students. We also offer music lovers the chance for them to teach performing arts, such as dancing, theater, or playing a musical instrument. Whichever your passion is, we give you the opportunity to use it with your students!

1. University degree (from an English Speaking country)
2. Honesty and responsibility
3. Reference
4. TEFL, CELTA, TESOL or equivalent OR at least ONE year of ESL/EFL
teaching experience.

1. A strong desire to live and work in China
2. Experience of working with children
3. Robust health
4. Ability to adapt

Required of the teacher:
-Dedication in providing good quality contractual teaching hours
-A supportive attitude to the continuing success of the school

The duties include teaching,extra-curricular activities,office work and/or marketing the school.


  • Monthly Salary up to 14000 RMB, depending on the candidates education, certification, teaching experience, length of contract and workload.
  • Work Visa sponsored
  • 1,000USD airfare allowance on the completion of contract.
  • Up to 2,000USD leaving bonus on the completion of contract, prorated more or less depending on the length of contract and based on overall performance during length of contract.
  • Free, fully-furnished apartment is provided for single use. The teacher will pay for the utilities of electricity, gas, and telephone.
  • Free internet is provided.
  • 28 days per year annual leave (16 days school leave + 12 days public holiday).
  • Group medicare.
  • Meals are provided during work time.
  • 2 hours of free Mandarin Chinese lessons per week.
  • Professional development opportunities are available throughout the semester.
  • Free arrival pick-up and transfer to apartment is provided for all teachers.


How to apply

Send an English version  resume (Click here to download the template), a recent photo and a brief statement as to why you are interested and qualified to teach at Interlingua School. Please note that further documents will be asked to be provided.  Such documents are; a copy of your passport, degree, TEFL certificate as well as any other documents that may be required for applying for your work visa.


Furthermore, we will ask you some questions about teaching English as a foreign language. And we will supply you with a sample contract and a list of contract packages for your review. We will discuss any teaching and contract questions with you in detail. If possible we will contact you to set up a convenient time for a telephone interview.

Offer Process

Within ten to fifteen days after we have collected all the necessary documents, we will supply you with the application processing feedback. A sample contract as well as teacher’s handbook will be sent to you for your perusal. If everything is correct and the school seems like a good match for both parties, a formal offer of employment will be sent.

Acceptance Process

Upon acceptance of the offer to teach English for Interlingua School you will be required to furnish us with the following documents and information (if not previously sent):

  • Copy of bachelors degree (or Masters)
  • Copy of TEFL Certificate,  if applicable, or any other language training certificate
  • Copy of resume
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of police check, if applicable
  • Passport photo in the size of 3.5 x 4.5 cm (Click here to see the sample)
  • Health report (Physical Exam) (Click here to download the form)
  • Reference letter from your current/former employer, if applicable
  • the address and telephone number to which we will send you the work visa documents
  • the location of the Chinese Embassy where you would apply for your work visa


Your degree, TESL certificate and police check must be notarized and apostilled (authenticated) by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General


Human Resources Office in China:

Maosi Yan  Email: Skype: maosi.yan

Chris Gordon    Email:  Skype ID: teacher_guiyang_guizhou

Human Resources Office in USA:

Mingzhu Yuan +1 4065467296      Email:  Skype ID: mingzhu.yuan199

Nathan Domitrovich  +1 4065312233      Email:

Resume Template Download: Resume